Children’s Dentistry

We are a family friendly dental clinic, and want to enable a healthy dental home.  The CDA recommends that children be seen 6 months after the eruption of the first tooth, or around 1 year of age.  We see children of any age in our office, and work with parents to have proper dental education to ensure the health and longevity of your child’s teeth.  For children who need work done, we offer a special ‘drink’ that can help with anxiety, or if children are too young or are not able to have their work done in the office, we have hospital privileges and can have your child’s work done in the hospital if necessary.

Professional Teeth Whitening

We offer a system where custom upper and lower trays are made fitted to the teeth, and the whitening agent is added.  Trays can either be worn at night or in the day.  We will monitor your whitening progress with shade matches, and to prevent gum irritation or sensitivity.

Hospital Dentistry

For young children, children with different abilities, or adults with special needs, the hospital is a useful tool in ensuring that those who need their dental work done but are unable to sit in the chair have their work done in a timely fashion.  All paperwork and consent forms are done at our office, the the OR schedules the appointments based on availability, and our dentists come in to do the work.  The surgery is scheduled as a day surgery.  A hospital fee is required before an appointment is booked.

Direct Billing to Insurance Providers

We offer direct billing your insurance provider.  Just bring in your insurance card and information and we can set it up for you.  It is important to know your maximum amount you are eligible for in a year, and what your major and minor coverage is.