Providing preventive, supportive, and early intervention services throughout Alberta

Donate To Community Services

Sunshine Coast Community Services has been supporting our community since 1974 and over the course of this Covid-19 Pandemic we are still here to support you and your family. Our staff are supporting women experiencing abuse, checking in with new parents over the phone to make sure they feel connected, providing counselling support and providing food and essentials through our Food Bank to an increasing number of community members. Your support during this challenging time helps us continue to support our community’s most vulnerable and isolated.

Support Programs, Food Bank,  Capital Campaign

Your donation is greatly appreciated in any of the areas we focus on. We have 35 programs that offer services to the multi-barriered under resourced people in our community. You can donate to the support programs and let us direct the funds where most needed or you can identify an area you prefer to support.

Food bank demand has increased significantly as many people struggle through the Covid-19 stresses on their income and the best way to support the Food Bank is to donate. We work with all Sunshine Coast Food Banks to ensure community members across the Coast can access food in their own community.