Saucy Shawn’s

Purveyor of fine Eats



Real Food for Real People. Saucy Shawn’s bring you a commitment to provide delicious home-style meals for your event. If you don’t see what you are looking for, reach out and we will try and come up with something that will make you happy!


Wedding receptions, Graduation Banquets, Fundraisers we do them all. Saucy is committed to ensuring your event is a success by providing the best food possible.

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Planning a Family Camp or other camp and don’t want the added stress of having to plan the menu, buy the food and do all the cooking? Saucy Shawn’s is here to help. We can take that burden from you and make you smile!

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Menu Planning

Have you be volunteered to cook at your summer camp? Do you have no idea where to start? Saucy can help you plan your meals for a week or a summer.

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Only The Finest Ingredients

Our team insists on only using the finest ingredients that we can fine.
We will only serve you meals that we can take pride in.
The finest of the fine ingredients that we use is Love.