About Us 

At ATS we take pride in our services.

Below is a list highlighting some of our specialized services:

  • At ATS we customize and support all Health and Safety manuals created by ATS for their clients.
  • We conduct Vehicle Incident Investigations. These investigations are conducted and supported by our Safety Officers, Collision Analyst/ Reconstructionist and our independent Heavy-Duty Mechanic, including but not limited to the download of your vehicles Heavy Vehicle Engine Modular Recorder (HVEMR). 
  • We provide annual Vehicle safety inspections.
  • We download Collision Data Recorders (CDR) or Heavy Vehicle Engine Modular Recorder (HVEMR). This data allows ATS the opportunity to understand what actions the driver took just before the incident took place and more.
  • At ATS we conduct thorough internal reviews of your organization’s day to day operations, including but not limited to maintenance records, training records, hiring processes, new hire orientations, warehouse facilities, etc.
  • We provide one-time H & S manuals, or monthly packages with additional support services.
  • Track and trend incidents, who is involved, and review why these incidents are happening.
  • You receive a dedicated Safety Officer and a team of support agents.
  • All our services are available to companies with one or more employees.
  • Access to third party anonymous incident reporting.
  • At ATS we don’t just give you a H & S Manual and walk away, we also allocate “Familiarization time” to teach you and your staff how to use your H & S Manual, where to find all the information including all forms.